Playbrush Smart One Electric Sonic Toothbrush - Mint


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Colour: Green

The brand-new Playbrush
Playbrush Smart One - revolutionary sonic toothbrush for adults with new feedback features, interactive app and unique replacement brush services.

Playbrush Smart One. The smartest toothbrush on the market.
Unique light-ring shows if all areas of your mouth have been brushed sufficiently. 4 lights indicate a thorough cleaning of the individual quadrants.

Vibration-feedback when to change sides and to signal when you are done brushing. Feedback on pressure and cleaning speed as well as information on battery level and app connection via a base light signal.

The Playbrush App takes care of you and your individual routine. App is available for free in the App Store and Play Store.

Performance Check: Get detailed insights on your brushing progress (duration, frequency, coverage and pressure) and receive personal tips for even better results.

3 cleaning modes: Clean, Sensitive or Massage. Easily controllable via the App.

The App learns from you and develops with you over time - based on your individual toothbrushing needs.

Individualise your Routine...
In the Training Area you can choose from a wide variety of oral hygiene tools and select the ones that fit you and your routine best.

Optimise it!
Brushing Coach: A 3D simulation of your set of teeth provides real-time feedback while you interactively brush surface by surface and tooth by tooth. It also helps you to floss.